Mindfulness meditation classes

I offer affordable mindfulness meditation classes for individuals and small groups. In these 1.5 hour sessions, I provide consultations geared towards students’ needs. We then practice any of the following techniques:

  • Mindfulness of Breath

  • Lovingkindess / Metta

  • Walking Meditation

  • Improvisational Movement

Classes are offered in my studio or the student’s home, whichever is preferable. The cost is sliding scale. Write to me in the contact page to set up a session.

friday mornings with wellman

During the WellMan Series, we (Laurel Atwell and Tess Dworman) integrate the mindfulness of meditation and the energetic practice of qi gong in order to attune awareness and cultivate intuition while unblocking and moving internal energies. Through the study of meditation and qi gong, students will uncover and strengthen their personal qualities; articulating what is already within themselves to move through life with dexterity and curiosity.

Fridays 10am-12pm through July 26, 2019

150 1st Ave NYC - Courtyard Studio - $14 drop-in

More information here